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Where to buy: Bristol

By Lucy May
22nd October 2018

Over the past 12 years, Bristol has had a population increase of nearly 46,000 residents. So what is it about this riverside city that’s calling to the masses? ‘The West’ has always been shrouded in ancient mystery, from Stonehenge to Glastonbury Tor. This translates in the laid-back, creative aura which surrounds Bristol. This city, with its mural-clad Georgian buildings stacked seemingly on top of each other, is home to the UK’s largest number of independent restaurants and retailers, demonstrating how the city nourishes local talent and craftsmanship. Their passion for keeping it local is one of the many things that makes Bristol a very special place to live. 46,000 people can’t be wrong, right?

We’ve put together a list of where to look in Bristol for the creative buyer.

Picture by Thomas Neil



Formerly falling in the shadow of the illustrious Clifton area, Southville has been rising up since the 90s. This area is the gift that keeps on giving –  it’s home to many of those independent shops, bars and restaurants we were talking about and that beautiful, gorgeous Georgian architecture. Living in this progressive part of the city will set you back in the region of £358,720 for a three-bed house. For that you are immersed in a community of like-minded creatives to bond with, while taking out the recycling.


Bishopston and St Andrews

Gloucester Road is where you find the best pasty outside of Cornwall. One hungover morning led me here on a pasty hunt. After accosting a stranger who had a sumptuous pastry pocket and asking where exactly I could procure one for myself, I discovered the shop, on the longest stretch of independent businesses in the UK.

This area also boasts great links to the city centre and is well within catchment area for some of the city’s best schools. That being so, an average of £512,184 for a three-bed terrace is typical of the area.

Picture by Thomas Neil

Picture by Thomas Neil


Bristol Marina

Bristol Marina is littered with narrow boats and Dutch barges. Colourful and adorned with potted plants, these boats can be an eccentric and cost-effective alternative to buying a house in the area. And nothing is going to get you closer to the thick of the city than one of these. A strong lure of this counter-culture is the warm bohemian community of “boat people” who are just as vibrant as their homes. Boats start around £30,000, plus mooring costs and licenses.

Montpelier and Kingsdown

Bordered with the slightly rough-and-ready Stokes Croft, this area is the epitome of Bohemian Bristol – eclectic, artsy and colourful. Walking the streets is a feast for the eyes. The birth-town of Banksy, the city has a palpable affiliation with street art that will not disappoint. This portion of the city boasts plenty of listed Georgian terrace houses, with the average cost of a three-bed in the region of £621,000.

Picture by Thomas Neil

Leigh Woods

Nestled within woodland lies this unlikely mix of illustrious, yet enchanting, Georgian mansions and cutting-edge architectural beasts. With sneaking views through the trees of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, this portion of the city exposes you to a much more rural setting. The quiet lanes are a somewhat romantic antidote to the bustling and vibrant city centre. Houses in this area will set you back an average of £904,200.

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