Photo by Lara Maysa

Meadows in the Mountains : a Bulgarian eco-festival imagined from your purest dreams.

By Lucy May
11th May 2019
When: 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th June 2019
Where: Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria

Dubbed, “like no other festival on earth”, Meadows in the Mountains is a weekend-long celebration of wellness, tradition and nature in the dreamy and ethereal Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. Bulgarian folk culture and music is woven into the fabric of all things weird and wonderful here. A place of freedom and exceptional natural beauty, fringed with a certain air of fiction, and spectacularly topped off with a dusting of hedonism.

Take full advantage of the heaven-like situation, atop the clouds, and enjoy days which begin with sun salutations welcoming the orange sun lying low on the horizon. Time here is filled with well-being workshops, live music and special moments of familiarity between strangers.

And this year, the people behind Meadows are so in love with our planet that they are encouraging people to catch the train to the festival rather than fly. Travelling by train is the most beautiful, inspiring, exciting and kind way of getting to Meadows. Whizzing through five countries you will see the whole of Europe pass you by, the landscapes change and our overloaded atmosphere breathe a sigh of relief.

The first ten people to book their train tickets to the festival can show their train tickets will receive a free ticket to the festival. So, why not organise the train trip of a lifetime? There are multiple ways to travel to Sofia by train depending on where you are travelling from. From London you can go via Paris, Munich, Budapest or Zagreb, then on to Belgrade and Sofia.

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