The Carpenter Hotel – Texas

Austin, USA, From £170


In an old union hall, in a grove of pecan trees at the edge of Zilker Park, near pretty much everything, you'll find good food, good drink, good coffee and a pool for hot, lazy days. This is The Carpenter Hotel; a refreshing example of relaxed luxury infused with staples of North American culture.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Mighty Union

This group of cool individuals are on a hospitality mission. They'll get their creative minds involved in anything - hotels, bars, restaurant, whatever allows them to deliver quality, conviviality and fun.

The floors

Polished stone, raw wood, parquet, it's all very lovely and envy-inspiring. They adorn these gems with woven rugs that pay homage to the area's Mexican influences too. Just beautiful.

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