SiloStay – Little River

Little River, New Zealand, From £110
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Little River is blessed with no internationally recognised natural wonders, no Guggenheim, no fiords, no towering waterfalls, no natural hot pools. Just agricultural land and a simple history.

Traditionally, grain silos are found in the countryside filled with feed, surrounded by a distinct waft of, er, farm animals; however SiloStay, based in Little River, Banks Peninsula, is going against the grain. In this instance, proprietary grain silos are being used as individual motel units as part of an innovative, eco-friendly and affordable accommodation complex, all equipped with mod cons.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The eco element

In its nature, the Silostay was born from the vision to reuse the disused. Much of the interiors, as well as the silo structure, are, of course, recycled, reclaimed and reused to fit their new purpose. The Silos also run solely off responsibly sourced renewable energy, they reuse wastewater and rely on wool insulation to keep you warm and cosy.

The Founder

The man behind SiloStay, Stuart Wright-Stow, is a visionary, leader, and innovator. Stuart’s view of life is slightly different to most folk. Stuart has a vision for objects beyond their primary form, and saw the opportunity to push the boundaries of design and turn the agri-dustrial silo structure into a unique, relevant accommodation solution for Little River. Stuart pondered the intricacies and the challenges of the circular shape and realised his dream to build SiloStay - an innovative, eco-friendly and exciting accommodation experience.

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