Hôtel National Des Arts et Métiers – Paris

Paris, France, From £204
Eco Pionoeer 2-4


Between Marais and Montorgueil, the hotel offers the experience of a timeless art of living.

An inspiring and unique addition to the bustling neighbourhood in which it sits, the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers is a feat of modern architecture and innovative design hidden behind a classic Haussmannian facade. The 66-room establishment, restaurant and bar have been realized using the noblest materials and crafted by artisans in the tradition of French savoir-faire.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Style

Elegant modernism comes alive at this stylish boutique hotel in the heart of bustling Paris. Hotel National is a place where one can genuinely feel that rare blend of luxury and modesty. The stylish design and careful finish of this property provides an undeniably sleek and seductive atmosphere, which we reckon guests will find utterly irresistible.

The Space

Rarely in Paris can one find somewhere to take a moment for themselves which isn’t packed to the rooftops with people, but, Hotel National bucks that trend. With an array of open, light and airy spaces to choose from, there is no end to the list of places you could slink off to and take a quiet mid-day break, to refresh and regroup.

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