Fix this fort with your friends and live like kings

By Jessica Hargreaves & Rebecca Radley
22nd October 2018

When we say kings, we mean of Asgard. Because this is the most Avenger-worthy fort we’ve ever laid eyes on. You don’t even need the bank balance (or the 200+ IQ) of Iron Man to own it. At only £400K, this super fort could realistically be yours. Picture this… You approach by black rib speedboat. Your guests are in awe as the fully-restored, cutting-edge glass and stone hideaway rushes closer. Further exploration reveals a series of flawlessly designed suites arranged around a circular courtyard, perfect to host to intimate parties all summer long.

Above, the infinity-edge pool angles out like a gigantic diving board into the ocean. An outdoor kitchen, mid-century style cocktail bar and fully-equipped games room are magically offset by the tumbling stone stairways and arches of this historical wonder.

Yes. There are a few…roadblocks. The island is not inhabitable. Yet. And you’ll need around a mil to sort it out. At least. But let’s not kill the dream. We have an idea.

Find eight adventurous friends. Put in 150k each. Redevelop the hell out of this property. Get it listed on Air BnB (when you’re not using it for reputation-defining parties). In five years, you’ll be in profit.

It’s a plan so simple, it might just work. We’re actually tempted to give it a shot ourselves.

See listing at Purplebricks here.

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