Artist’s Spotlight – Alexi Marshall

By Lucy May
“The Redemption of Delilah”
Where to see: Public Gallery, Hackney
When: 8th of May - 1st of June

From her North London studio, Alexi Marshall readies herself for her debut solo exhibition, by finishing her impressive body of work, a collection composed of print, fabric, drawings and embroidery.

Alexi draws on symbolism and references from biblical texts, mysticism and Mexican and Trinidadian folklore to challenge female archetypes. She seeks to re-define, and even claim back the stigma surrounding woman’s sexuality through time, and even in our current society, as well as creating work that speaks for the millennial woman.

Often the size of Marshall’s pieces shout but the intricacies and detail whisper, perhaps a reflection of the complexities and dichotomies that make up the “mind of a young girl”: The highs and the lows, the power and the weakness, the submissive and the domineering, the good and the bad. Marshall’s work is unapologetic yet somewhat vulnerable, a true reflection of ageless femininity.

More info here.

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